Month: July 2015

Tips to eliminate employee time clock abuse

Tips to eliminate employee time clock abuse

Written by Allied Time

One of the biggest issues in the workplace is employee time theft. This is where one employee will cover the absence of another by punching or swiping them in or out of the workplace. Employee time clock abuse is common in workplaces where actual physical time sheets or cards are used to swipe in or out.

If an employee comes ten minutes later, takes a longer lunch break or leaves early, when taken over a longer time period with multiple employees will result in a lot of lost productivity to the organization. Estimates peg the average employee wastes nearly 50+ minutes of every day.

How do you prevent or limit this from happening? Here are a few tips:

Indicate to the employee as they are hired the importance of sticking to the allotted times. Illustrate the penalties if caught breaking those times.

Rule that new employees for the duration of probation will have to report to a manager as they come in and before they leave.

Encourage whistleblowing. Reward those who report abusers of the system and ensure that it does not result in any retribution from their peers.

Switch to a system that cannot be abused like time or swipe cards. Fingerprint or biometric scanners are difficult to abuse. They are however more costly.

Reward your employees for proper attendance. Positive behavior must be recognized and rewarded.

Take action now and monitor your employees’ time and attendance. This will save money by an increase in productivity.

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