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Robotics and Medicine Have Officially Arrived

Robotics and Medicine Have Officially Arrived

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Meet the world’s first operator of a robotic prosthetic . . .

The sci-fi concept of robotics and prosthetics has always been something medical science has worked toward, but the reality has felt just out of reach for many years. Steady progress has been made on devices to aid us, but not until now has there been a device that can replicate the lost functionality a limb can provide.

Retired Staff Sergeant James Sides was attempting to disarm an IED when the device went off close to his body. The blast left him blind in one eye, and took his hand. He was also thrown from his position and broke his forearm. He managed to make a healthy recovery, but life was never the same.

Sides received the prosthetic from the Alfred Mann Foundation after he had sensors surgically embedded within his forearm. These sensors read the muscles within Sides’ arm, then translate that motion into data that opens and closes the hand or moves the thumb. Although he still has to think about tasks before he does them, Sides is quite close to recovering the functionality he thought he’d lost.

Seven individuals are involved with this test, and the Alfred Mann Foundation hopes that each will yield useful data. Over time, the costs to produce these devices will also lower. It’s also hoped that more attention can be brought to these discoveries. Rich Davis of Rogers & Cowan is leading a team helping to promote this important event, and ultimately to get more attention and money toward the cause.

For Sides’ part, the new hand has helped give him the confidence he needs to re-enter the workforce. He says he wants to take this technology into the Colorado wilderness, where he hopes he can become a ski patrolman.

Why You Need a High Quality Shopping Cart for Your Site

Why You Need a High Quality Shopping Cart for Your Site

By Secure Net Shop

If you’re thinking about starting an ecommerce site, you probably already know the core elements it will take to succeed. Obviously, you need a quality product or service to sell. You want a site that’s well designed and easy to use. It will also help to have good content waiting for visitors as well.

Securenetshop3Unfortunately, far too many in your shoes have made a very simple mistake. While they’re right to focus on the above, they completely forget about the importance of having a quality online shopping cart as well.

Ecommerce shopping cart software is far more important than its traditional counterparts. Without this type of software, customers will have a hard time spending money with you—something you definitely don’t want to have happen.

Furthermore, lackluster software is how your customers get hacked. Not only could you be on the line to cover any damages they suffer because of such an oversight, but you can forget about securing new customers as well.

Don’t cut corners where your website’s carts are concerned. Be sure the ones you invest in come with all of the most recent security measures possible. Otherwise, you’ll definitely live to regret your hasty decision to go with something other than the best.


When it comes to a commerce shopping cart, you really need to look into what Secure Net Shop has to offer. There’s a reason they’re such a trusted name in such a competitive industry.

When Having Too Much Software Backfires

When Having Too Much Software Backfires

When it comes to succeeding in the digital age, there is no lack of options where software is involved. There’s also no argument you could make that it doesn’t make sense to use as much software as possible. This kind of technology is great for automating processes you don’t need people for which will save you in overhead without hurting your results.

ActData1Of course, the problem is then that you have to worry about trying to use too much technology. Believe it or not, this is a very real problem you could definitely run into and your company would suffer in a big way from it.

This is where EDI software comes in handy. This software has become insanely popular for two reasons. First, it really works. Second, Wal-Mart swears by it. Combined, these two reasons have been enough to continue seeing more and more demand for web EDI from companies of every kind.

The work EDI does is fairly simple: it basically just ensures that software is able to talk to each other. This makes it possible for one process to get handled by many different types of platforms as the work gets handed off from one to the next, without problems and without you paying a single individual to help.

Tips to eliminate employee time clock abuse

Tips to eliminate employee time clock abuse

Written by Allied Time

One of the biggest issues in the workplace is employee time theft. This is where one employee will cover the absence of another by punching or swiping them in or out of the workplace. Employee time clock abuse is common in workplaces where actual physical time sheets or cards are used to swipe in or out.

If an employee comes ten minutes later, takes a longer lunch break or leaves early, when taken over a longer time period with multiple employees will result in a lot of lost productivity to the organization. Estimates peg the average employee wastes nearly 50+ minutes of every day.

How do you prevent or limit this from happening? Here are a few tips:

Indicate to the employee as they are hired the importance of sticking to the allotted times. Illustrate the penalties if caught breaking those times.

Rule that new employees for the duration of probation will have to report to a manager as they come in and before they leave.

Encourage whistleblowing. Reward those who report abusers of the system and ensure that it does not result in any retribution from their peers.

Switch to a system that cannot be abused like time or swipe cards. Fingerprint or biometric scanners are difficult to abuse. They are however more costly.

Reward your employees for proper attendance. Positive behavior must be recognized and rewarded.

Take action now and monitor your employees’ time and attendance. This will save money by an increase in productivity.

Allied Time specializes in providing fingerprint time clocks and other time tracking solutions for businesses.

How EDI Software Can Help Your Business

How EDI Software Can Help Your Business

Organizations use a multitude of systems in the modern internet era. Unfortunately a lot of these systems do not communicate with each other, nor do they with outside vendors. In order to make the most efficient use of all your systems, these systems need to talk to each other. The solution: EDI.

EDI, also known as Electronic Data Interchange is middle layer that allows different systems to communicate. This is done by standardizing the data communicated between the different systems. No human intervention is required during the process. It allows different companies to transfer documents electronically from each other’s systems.

This is where EDI software can make such a big difference. With an EDI service bureau, you’ll get all the help you need leveraging this. From vendor compliance to ensuring that one department picks up where the other left off in your business cycle, this software currently has no equal out there.

Don’t let your company’s most trusted tools become a problem for your business. Instead, leverage EDI software so you can begin getting every penny’s worth.

A Brief History of Web EDI Systems

A Brief History of Web EDI Systems

The exchange of electronic documents and data have been vastly improved by Internet EDI platforms. The platform allows sharing of important information such as sales and invoice data between companies. Modern systems use HTML format to provide access to the shared data. These systems then use XML format as a means of data transportation. In a nutshell, EDI systems transform all data from all companies into a unified format. This uniform code can then be used by any party with ease.

Before the advent of EDI, data transfer between companies were done via Value Added Networks. This was before the Internet era, which means that the setup and maintenance costs were consequent. Once the Internet was globalised, a lot of service providers stepped into play. This, in turn, has allowed companies to share information at a smaller cost. This has spurred a panoply of services like EDI translation, data encryption, secured email networks and reportings. Some companies even offer custom reportings, which are much more beneficial to the company and it’s management.

The move towards EDI systems is often viewed as an effective way to cut down operating costs. The cost of paperwork and transits associated are instantly felt. This is especially true for EDI warehouse systems. In the long run, the speed of data transfer translates to a more efficient company and more efficient employees. The advantage is also present at the strategic level. The usage of EDI also means real-time metrics. This information is often crucial in high level decision making.

Evolution of the Time Clock System

Evolution of the Time Clock System

Written by Allied Time

Time tracking systems have long been seen as not being so advantageous to employees apart from the fact that they track attendance and their working hours. These systems have, however, perfected themselves with the advent of technology. These systems now offer sophisticated features that offer new possibilities to employees.

From an investment point of view, these systems do not require expensive installations and hardware. Time clocks have extensively evolved and are now increasingly smaller in size. The cost of these devices has also considerably declined, making them more affordable to be placed in several locations in the workplace. This makes it convenient for employees to clock in from different locations instead of having to reach one single point. Some of these systems also offer the possibility for employees to clock in from different locations, even remote ones. This is particularly advantageous for field employees or people who have to travel often.

From the employer’s side, biometric time clocks prevent the occurrence of buddy clocking. These systems use facial recognition to identify individuals. Some systems also have additional features that help in compiling attendance data that can be used for reward systems and calculation of bonuses. As for the employees, these systems allow them to become accountable as they are be able to monitor their own performance and attendance data. Accountability in the workplace helps to trigger proactive measures to improve performance and attendance. This also ensure transparency in the company.

Allied Time has operated in the business machines and employee time clocks since 1967. The company’s product proposes some online features.

The Importance of EDI Software

The Importance of EDI Software


If you’re like many companies, you probably don’t think you need any more software. After all, most modern companies already leverage countless programs as it is to achieve their business goals. The thought of adding yet another may seem like it couldn’t possibly be worth the trouble.

But EDI software isn’t just one more version to add to the pile—far from it, in fact. EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It’s used, essentially, to help the software you do use talk to one another. As it stands, you’re probably using people for this important area, which means you’re spending unnecessary money and opening yourself up to the possibilities of human error.

Instead, you should be using these people for something that demands their specialties. Internet EDI software can ensure a streamlined interface between the software you depend on. Companies like Wal-Mart have long understood how important this is, not just for saving on employees, but for getting better results from the software they use on a daily basis.

Don’t let your technology become a handicap for your company. Instead, think about how Electronic Data Interchange solutions could usher your business into the 21st century.


Essential Software for Your Business

Essential Software for Your Business

By Allied Time

If you want better results from your company’s output, you probably already know that software will play an integral role in hitting that goal. You probably also know that software has to be an ongoing investment, something you spend time and money on every year to keep your business competitive.

Unfortunately, in the race to secure the best possible software for their needs, too many companies miss obvious assets they should be investing in. The best example of this is definitely the software used to monitor your employees’ time.

Think about it. Are your employees a central part of your business plan? Of course they are. So why wouldn’t you invest in time and attendance software that helps ensure you get the best possible return on the investment you make in them. Without proper time-tracking software, you really can’t be too sure about how they’re spending their 40 hours with you every week.

Nowadays, this type of software—like so many other examples—couldn’t make it much easier either. It does a great job of ensuring that just about everything is as automated as possible. So when you need results about how your employees are working for you, those answers are a click of a button away.


When your business could use better resources for monitoring their employees’ time, the only store you need to remember is Allied Time. The company has every product you need from physical time clocks to automated software and much more.

The Price of Lacking Time Clocks

The Price of Lacking Time Clocks

By Allied Time

Everyone knows that employees play an essential role in any business. Unless you’re a one man operation, you need employees who can get the job done day-in and day-out. However, having employees—even great employees—just doesn’t cut it. For best results, you need to ensure they’re performing as need by each day too.

Although there are many ways to do this, time clock software is by far the best and absolutely essential. Without this important asset on your side, you can never hope to get the most from your employees. And, frankly, they shouldn’t be blamed.

The right time and attendance software options are all about helping—not punishing—employees by making sure they know if they’re meeting the expectations you have for them. Otherwise, how can they possibly hope to improve on an ongoing basis, like you’d expect?

Furthermore, how can they even be sure if they’re meeting your objective standards? Of course, many employees also benefit from this type of software because they simply lack the self control to get to work as they should. It’s sad, but true. However, leveraging the right software means they can overcome these shortcomings and still get the job done as you’d hope.


While there are countless ways to better your business, if you rely on employees for your success, you definitely need to invest in time clock products and matching software. Otherwise, one of your most crucial and expensive resources could easily be under producing without you knowing it.