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SEO Software Reviews

SEO Software Reviews

Using an effective search engine optimization strategy is a great way for anyone to increase their profitability. When done properly, SEO will help you get a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website without requiring any additional effort. The problem, though, is that SEO is not always easy.

Although many tools and software packages are on the market to help you meet your goals, they are not always cheap. If you are just getting started, then a good search engine marketing agency would recommend that you take a look at the free options, and several are currently available.

Traffic Travis

When you are looking for a great SEO tool that is free to use, Traffic Travis is a great option. Backlinks and keyword placement are vital to your success, but you also need to optimize your website if you want to enjoy the best possible results. Going through a long checklist of items can be time-consuming, but it does not have to be. Traffic Travis will scan any website and tell you what changes need to be made for the best odds of ranking. No matter if you are a search engine marketing firm or working alone, it will help you meet you SEO goals faster than you once thought possible.

Keyword Tool

Any search marketing agency that has been around for a while knows the importance of keyword research, which is sometimes difficult. Keyword Tool is a free keyword research tool that will help you find long-tail keywords for which you can rank. Most long-tail keywords don’t have a lot of competition, making Keyword Tool an invaluable asset.

Bio: Contact Sticky Web Media, a search engine optimization firm from Los Angeles, to get a free consultation to improve your Web marketing efforts.

When Having Too Much Software Backfires

When Having Too Much Software Backfires

When it comes to succeeding in the digital age, there is no lack of options where software is involved. There’s also no argument you could make that it doesn’t make sense to use as much software as possible. This kind of technology is great for automating processes you don’t need people for which will save you in overhead without hurting your results.

ActData1Of course, the problem is then that you have to worry about trying to use too much technology. Believe it or not, this is a very real problem you could definitely run into and your company would suffer in a big way from it.

This is where EDI software comes in handy. This software has become insanely popular for two reasons. First, it really works. Second, Wal-Mart swears by it. Combined, these two reasons have been enough to continue seeing more and more demand for web EDI from companies of every kind.

The work EDI does is fairly simple: it basically just ensures that software is able to talk to each other. This makes it possible for one process to get handled by many different types of platforms as the work gets handed off from one to the next, without problems and without you paying a single individual to help.

Tips to eliminate employee time clock abuse

Tips to eliminate employee time clock abuse

Written by Allied Time

One of the biggest issues in the workplace is employee time theft. This is where one employee will cover the absence of another by punching or swiping them in or out of the workplace. Employee time clock abuse is common in workplaces where actual physical time sheets or cards are used to swipe in or out.

If an employee comes ten minutes later, takes a longer lunch break or leaves early, when taken over a longer time period with multiple employees will result in a lot of lost productivity to the organization. Estimates peg the average employee wastes nearly 50+ minutes of every day.

How do you prevent or limit this from happening? Here are a few tips:

Indicate to the employee as they are hired the importance of sticking to the allotted times. Illustrate the penalties if caught breaking those times.

Rule that new employees for the duration of probation will have to report to a manager as they come in and before they leave.

Encourage whistleblowing. Reward those who report abusers of the system and ensure that it does not result in any retribution from their peers.

Switch to a system that cannot be abused like time or swipe cards. Fingerprint or biometric scanners are difficult to abuse. They are however more costly.

Reward your employees for proper attendance. Positive behavior must be recognized and rewarded.

Take action now and monitor your employees’ time and attendance. This will save money by an increase in productivity.

Allied Time specializes in providing fingerprint time clocks and other time tracking solutions for businesses.

How EDI Software Can Help Your Business

How EDI Software Can Help Your Business

Organizations use a multitude of systems in the modern internet era. Unfortunately a lot of these systems do not communicate with each other, nor do they with outside vendors. In order to make the most efficient use of all your systems, these systems need to talk to each other. The solution: EDI.

EDI, also known as Electronic Data Interchange is middle layer that allows different systems to communicate. This is done by standardizing the data communicated between the different systems. No human intervention is required during the process. It allows different companies to transfer documents electronically from each other’s systems.

This is where EDI software can make such a big difference. With an EDI service bureau, you’ll get all the help you need leveraging this. From vendor compliance to ensuring that one department picks up where the other left off in your business cycle, this software currently has no equal out there.

Don’t let your company’s most trusted tools become a problem for your business. Instead, leverage EDI software so you can begin getting every penny’s worth.

A Brief History of Web EDI Systems

A Brief History of Web EDI Systems

The exchange of electronic documents and data have been vastly improved by Internet EDI platforms. The platform allows sharing of important information such as sales and invoice data between companies. Modern systems use HTML format to provide access to the shared data. These systems then use XML format as a means of data transportation. In a nutshell, EDI systems transform all data from all companies into a unified format. This uniform code can then be used by any party with ease.

Before the advent of EDI, data transfer between companies were done via Value Added Networks. This was before the Internet era, which means that the setup and maintenance costs were consequent. Once the Internet was globalised, a lot of service providers stepped into play. This, in turn, has allowed companies to share information at a smaller cost. This has spurred a panoply of services like EDI translation, data encryption, secured email networks and reportings. Some companies even offer custom reportings, which are much more beneficial to the company and it’s management.

The move towards EDI systems is often viewed as an effective way to cut down operating costs. The cost of paperwork and transits associated are instantly felt. This is especially true for EDI warehouse systems. In the long run, the speed of data transfer translates to a more efficient company and more efficient employees. The advantage is also present at the strategic level. The usage of EDI also means real-time metrics. This information is often crucial in high level decision making.

Evolution of the Time Clock System

Evolution of the Time Clock System

Written by Allied Time

Time tracking systems have long been seen as not being so advantageous to employees apart from the fact that they track attendance and their working hours. These systems have, however, perfected themselves with the advent of technology. These systems now offer sophisticated features that offer new possibilities to employees.

From an investment point of view, these systems do not require expensive installations and hardware. Time clocks have extensively evolved and are now increasingly smaller in size. The cost of these devices has also considerably declined, making them more affordable to be placed in several locations in the workplace. This makes it convenient for employees to clock in from different locations instead of having to reach one single point. Some of these systems also offer the possibility for employees to clock in from different locations, even remote ones. This is particularly advantageous for field employees or people who have to travel often.

From the employer’s side, biometric time clocks prevent the occurrence of buddy clocking. These systems use facial recognition to identify individuals. Some systems also have additional features that help in compiling attendance data that can be used for reward systems and calculation of bonuses. As for the employees, these systems allow them to become accountable as they are be able to monitor their own performance and attendance data. Accountability in the workplace helps to trigger proactive measures to improve performance and attendance. This also ensure transparency in the company.

Allied Time has operated in the business machines and employee time clocks since 1967. The company’s product proposes some online features.

The Price of Lacking Time Clocks

The Price of Lacking Time Clocks

By Allied Time

Everyone knows that employees play an essential role in any business. Unless you’re a one man operation, you need employees who can get the job done day-in and day-out. However, having employees—even great employees—just doesn’t cut it. For best results, you need to ensure they’re performing as need by each day too.

Although there are many ways to do this, time clock software is by far the best and absolutely essential. Without this important asset on your side, you can never hope to get the most from your employees. And, frankly, they shouldn’t be blamed.

The right time and attendance software options are all about helping—not punishing—employees by making sure they know if they’re meeting the expectations you have for them. Otherwise, how can they possibly hope to improve on an ongoing basis, like you’d expect?

Furthermore, how can they even be sure if they’re meeting your objective standards? Of course, many employees also benefit from this type of software because they simply lack the self control to get to work as they should. It’s sad, but true. However, leveraging the right software means they can overcome these shortcomings and still get the job done as you’d hope.


While there are countless ways to better your business, if you rely on employees for your success, you definitely need to invest in time clock products and matching software. Otherwise, one of your most crucial and expensive resources could easily be under producing without you knowing it.

Why you should hire competent people to handle your IT needs

Why you should hire competent people to handle your IT needs

IF your company uses Asn softwareor has shifted to Web based edi, you will find that these systems require some maintenance that demand that skilled individuals handle your concerns. The sheer number of data and information exchanged in this day and age would be mindboggling and incredibly overwhelming if it weren’t for electronic data interchange. What could take you hours to accomplish back in the day would now only require you a few minutes of your time in order to allow you to conduct business. However, when it comes to maintaining these things, you need to make sure that the guys doing it for you are competent skilled, and very knowledgeable about the activities that you do. Your IT needs require concrete solutions to make sure that nothing goes wrong in the ordinary course of business. After all, a single mistake on any ordinary day that you are open for business could mean an opportunity lost. If you do not want this to happen to your business, you need to make sure that you get guys that are qualified and competent to provide you with everything that you need at the most affordable prices. The bigger reason as to why you need to have competent people to serve you is the fact that other parties are involved in your business as well. You might scare off potential customers if you are unable to fix your own machines. And you definitely do not want something like that to happen.

Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?

Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?

Written by Allied Time

At some point, every company reaches the size where they need to take on more employees than any one supervisor can keep an eye on at any one time. In many ways, this is actually cause to celebrate. It means you’ve had enough success to hit such heights of success. However, it can also mean the quality of your work starts suffering as employees can no longer be actively monitored.

However, if you use a time card machine, your problem will evaporate on its own. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get the results your company needs.

Many people are familiar with the old fashioned punch clock machines that required an employee to use a timecard that would get imprinted with the time they came or left the premises. These were certainly helpful, but their time has come and past.

Nowadays, your best bet is something like a Biometric time clock or some other popular option. Not only will they provide you with the basic services your business needs, but you’ll also have a number of extra features to choose from.

While you want to believe you can trust your staff, the truth is that everyone is human and prone to make bad choices. So get time clock technology installed at your business to eliminate this issue.


Allied Time is a company that sells all types of Pyramid time clocks, making it easier for you to manage your people throughout the day. As a result, you get more work for your investment and better returns.


How Big Data is Changing Technology Consulting in Los Angeles

How Big Data is Changing Technology Consulting in Los Angeles

What makes data “big” is the growth of the database, according to InformationWeek. As data grows, it becomes more difficult to analyze and work with. Companies that specialize in “big data,” like Google, actually specialize in applying that data for practical purposes. These companies run massive search engines that retrieve information, or analyze our connections to other people to form a network of friends and family. They keep track of our wish lists and our music playlists, and the number of services is starting to grow. As changes to the health care law lead to an increase in IT infrastructure, organizations are left with an increasing need for technology consulting.

Project Management

Los Angeles has a thriving tech startup scene that includes work on prosthetics and mobile applications. The region also plays host to some of the largest names in gaming on mobile and console. That requires technology consulting in Los Angeles to help manage projects and keep teams focused. These large companies work with huge sets of data, and teams need to be able to maintain a laser-like focus on certain aspects of that data to create rich applications for consumer usage.

Data Backup

The same concerns a consumer has about backing up his computer exist in the business world too, but the stakes are much larger. A consumer may lose receipts, documents or pictures from a certain year. Corporate entities stand to lose user data (which may be leaked to malicious third parties in the process) which translates to a loss of revenue. Backups must be maintained as a principle of smart business.

Data Privacy

Customers that use your products, subscribe to your emails or interact with your internal service departments have an expectation of privacy with your firm. The larger your company’s data set, the bigger the risk you pose. Hackers may see a small to mid-sized firm as an easy target, due to a perceived lack of security. In many ways, IT companies help bridge that gap with in-house training and around the clock monitoring. Some packages may include crisis management or emergency response, which is an excellent replacement for keeping full time employees on-call.

Monitoring and Maintenance

The financial and real estate sectors in Orange County are finding a greater need for IT infrastructure as more of their services go digital. Now, clients can browse properties from home, even taking tours of the home in some cases. These new services require computer networking in Orange County that the financial sector isn’t equipped to deal with. Technology consulting firms assist in the development of that important infrastructure, ensuring that industries can keep up with consumer demand.


The preceding guest post comes courtesy of Cal Net Technology Group, offering computer services in Long Beach and the greater Los Angeles area. The company offers project management services to help users build infrastructure, and training for employees to use the applications.