Monitoring Organizational Productivity Using Remote Desktop Reporting

Monitoring Organizational Productivity Using Remote Desktop Reporting

One major issue that is faced by any office organization is the productivity of its employees. While they are physically present in their workstations, there are times when employees become distracted with what they see in their computer screens, thus making them unproductive and inefficient throughout the day. Indeed, these distractions may not be monitored manually, but they can be recorded and evaluated by looking at a terminal services log, which can be retrieved from a monitoring remote desktop program.

Remote desktop monitoring tools record just about every activity a user performs in his or her workstation. These include opening applications for work-related tasks, browsing the internet, and logging on to online programs, downloading files, or even playing games. If you happen to be a workforce analyst or team manager, then looking at the behaviors of your employees through their workstation activities is a must; through these data, you are able to gauge which of them are indeed producing output, and who among them are just wasting company resources. Using a remote desktop monitoring also allows you to leverage on the skills your employees are most skilled at; from their performance they can be given new tasks that match their competencies, or be assigned to new office roles in order to become more productive.

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