Month: January 2014

What Businesses Need to Know Before Cloud MIgration

What Businesses Need to Know Before Cloud MIgration

The cloud seems to be the yellow brick road for businesses, but is everything truly greener on the other side? There are actually several reasons a business would opt to move data off-site, but there are trust issues with other organizations handling that data. These challenges are to be expected, but moving data to the cloud could be a huge boon for computer networking in Orange County and other regions where businesses struggle to meet the challenges of IT infrastructure.

Cost Efficiency

The cost of running your own servers adds up. You have to factor in how much you pay your IT employees to service the equipment. Additional training may also help employees get acclimated to a new system, but much of those costs is removed when you outsource the transition. You don’t have to pay staff to migrate servers, and the maintenance is done by the IT provider.


IT services in Irvine are great for local businesses, who may require a technician to show up in-person to make changes or educate employees. The data you store in the cloud also remains accessible, enabling your employees to work from home without your company paying for the architecture to do so. This approach also covers remote workers, and workers in different time zones.

Additionally, resources that would have been spent on backing up a server are now managed out of your office. Backups are more regulated, and server downtime is not as prevalent.


Server management is definitely not cheap, so eco-friendliness is not typically at the forefront of a business decision regarding IT. It’s a nice after thought, but eco-friendly IT infrastructure requires careful planning from the start. Outsourcing your technology allows you to tap into organizations that already use solar power and alternate cooling systems. This keeps server rooms cool and technology operating at peak performance.


How many servers do you need to accommodate a customer base of 10,000, or 1,000,000? Everyone knows that you don’t rent the office space before you construct a business plan. Why scale servers for a customer base that isn’t there yet? These two numbers seem arbitrary, but how you handle that volume can make or break a business online. Outsourcing your infrastructure lets a business pay for the bandwidth and hardware storage they need, not extra space that may or may not be consumed.


There is downtime during the initial set up for any IT infrastructure. Server upgrades and new patches are another concern, as changes can impact an existing database. Outsourcing your IT efforts lets other people handle these important changes, testing thoroughly before implementation.


Cal Net Technology Group provides computer services in Los Angeles, including IT infrastructure and cloud migration.

Don’t Leave Employee Attendance to Chance

Don’t Leave Employee Attendance to Chance

When running a company, few things are as important as making sure your staff shows up and gets their work done. Other people might mention things like marketing, product development, branding and more, but think about it. Without the people you pay to handle your business, how does anything get done? Worse still, whether or not anything’s getting done, you’re still paying for it.

As such, every company manager owes it to themselves to take time and attendance as seriously as they do their own bottom line. Otherwise they shouldn’t be surprised if they see their company’s performance falter.

Fortunately, handling this component is easier than ever before thanks to the many time card machine options available to everyone. You can force others to be accountable for themselves by making them sign in with a timecard as soon as they show up for work. When they leave at night, they’ll have to do the same as well as anytime they’re on break.

Best of all, nowadays you have technology that can go along with it. Timekeeping software, for example, makes staying on top of your people easier than ever. You’ll never hear another employee swear they were in on time when you have the proof staring them right in the face. Imagine how much more work you can now get done!


Article submitted by Allied Time. They sell all the time keeping options a company needs to stay up and running including employee time clock software.

How Computer Consultancies are Changing the Business Landscape

How Computer Consultancies are Changing the Business Landscape

There are few, if any, companies left these days trying to make a go of it without at least trying to keep up with all the latest and greatest in tech. That’s not to say every company out there has a huge IT staff helping them out. Most want to; the problem is they can’t afford it.

This represents a very real problem for millions of businesses out there. They know they need more help with their soft and hardware, but they don’t have the revenue to make it a reality. The result is that their larger competitors keep adapting and furthering the distance between the two. Before long, there won’t be many small businesses left.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. When it comes to computer services, Long Beach businesses can now outsource the help they need to other companies specializing in the field.

Say a small business needs help with computer networking. Los Angeles is full of companies that can provide them with all the help they need.

The upshot is amazing for everyone involved. These smaller companies get to stay competitive. However, they don’t have to rent extra room for hardware, their staff doesn’t need to learn new software, they don’t have to hire new employees to handle either and take care of the many other challenges that go along with added people.

At the same time, there’s a burgeoning market of people finding work in this country while providing a very valuable service.


Article submitted by Cal Net Technology Group. The company provides technology consulting Los Angeles businesses have come to rely on.

The Benefits of IT Consulting

The Benefits of IT Consulting

What company couldn’t do with more tech these days? It’s the digital age, after all, and soft and hardware are improving at a fevered pace. Companies who don’t adapt to this new landscape are getting left behind more and more.

It’s not that companies don’t want to adapt, of course. Rather, it’s that many can’t. Many small to medium sized businesses are already looking for ways to cut costs in this economy. Trying to afford new hard or software, the staff to handle it, the time to train their employees and all the rest that would come with implementation is simply too much.

Sadly, this means these companies get left behind as their larger competitors keep moving further into the future.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. Fortunately there are companies providing the kind of Los Angeles IT consulting businesses in the area desperately need. However, this help comes with far less overhead. The result is that small to medium sized companies get to continue being competitive without worrying about running out of money.

Orange County IT support has become a booming industry for this reason. Here we find the other benefit of this burgeoning new field. In a country still hurting from the recession, talented individuals are finding real work in a growing market that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

No one knows what the future holds for IT consulting, but it’s a safe bet it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


Article submitted by Cal Net Technology Group. The company provides IT services Irvine businesses have come to rely on.